ANTARES / MTD Cargo Pants


_ Modular and assemblable multi_ form denim trousers/shorts.
_ The detachable trouser legs are linked by a zipper at the knees, and become shorts after being separated.
_ Double_ layer design waist, elastic inner upper waist, outer lower waist with adjustable drawstring on both sides.
_ There are looped webbing straps for connecting the shoulder strap modules on the front and back sides of the waist.
_ There are cargo pockets on both sides of the upper shorts
A hidden zipper structure is used to wrap around the upper thigh and close to the buttocks, which is used to connect the detachable trouser leg module. We will launch different modular trouser legs to change and match different usage scenarios.
_ There are three_ dimensional cargo pockets on both sides of the detachable trouser legs below.
_ Double_ layer storm quick release access control design.
_ There is a foam interlayer at the leg openings, and the calf circumference can be expanded through a drawstring.
_ The whole body runs through the world plot elements.

Color: Blue

Fabric Specs

_ fabric 1
100% Polyamide
_ fabric2
85% Polyamide 15% Polyester

Tech Components

_ YKK German made metal snaps
_ U.S. CONMAR military supply zipper
_ Zinc alloy trims



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