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Established 2008 in Copenhagen.

By Tim Hancock and Jannik Wikkelsø.

Han Kjøbenhavn, often styled HAN Kjøbenhavn, is a brand of men’s wear based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. It was founded by Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen and Tim Faith Hancock in 2008 when they launched an eyewear line that quickly expanded into a full apparel collection.

”Our ideology is built around the Danish design virtues with strong references to Danish furniture architecture lines. It lies deep within us when we create silhouettes and constructions that there is focus on details and high craftsmanship finish.” - Tim Hancock

Han Kjobenhavn is today one of the most important Danish designer brands and sold throughout the world in top department and retail stores like, Liberty in London, Barneys in New York, Colette in Paris and also in Akenz stores in Shanghai and Beijing.

Han Kjøbenhavn is often seen warn by super stars like Lebron james and Lewis Hamilton.



Apocs presentation

Established 2008 in Copenhagen

By Paw Engelhardt

APOCS is premium streetwear label established in Copenhagen, Denmark.

A lifestyle brand rooted in the arts and street culture, APOCS combines style and simplicity with functionality and contemporary menswear silhouettes. Design and aesthetics are minimalistic, yet distinctive, and a unique perspective on fab-rics reflects the everlasting inspiration, the city.

APOCS is ”A projection of City Scenes”


KRAKATAU // tech streetwear

Established 1999 in St. Petersburg, Russia

By Alex

KRAKATAU is an Urban tech streetwear founded 1999 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

His collections are showcasing a large range of its own take on “urban techwear.” Pants, T-shirts, longsleeves, jackets and footwear are offered up in a range of breathable, waterproof and windproof fabrics. Pieces feature the expected bells and whistles when it comes to protection and functionality for the wearer including sealed seams, waterproof zippers and reflective accents, ensuring the wearer is always prepared to face the elements no matter what conditions.


Blue de Gênes

BDG presentation

Established in Denmark

By Ole Madsen

The word “JEANS” comes from the French word “GÊNES” meaning Genoa.

Blue de Gênes is a denim label taking its inspiration from the origin of jeans: the history of jeans started in Genoa, Italy, more than 400 years ago. At that time, the harbour workers in Genoa used a robust fabric called “Geanes fustian”, made of Arab cotton, for working clothes and sailcloth. The material was dyed blue with indigo, very strong and thus well suited for work pants for these hardworking dockers and sailors.

This fabric was exported to other countries, and eventually known as the Blue from Genoa, or in French “Bleu de Gênes” since Genoa at that time belonged to France. The English adaptation of the expression then became “Blue Jeans”.

The story behind the blue jeans and Blue de Gênes is the starting point of this collection, a clothing line with an authentic look and high quality materials, fea-turing hand knitted sweaters, and Japanese selvage fabrics. Blue de Gênes jeans are produced in Italy, and just as Blue de Gênes is a family run business, the suppliers are small family run factories.

Each pair is signed and stamped by the tailor to assure perfection in every detail.



Gabba presentation

Established 1983 in Denmark

By Ole Madsen

GABBA is a denim brand with more than thirty years’ experience in making jeans. We study and work with the material to create the coolest expression. We strive to get the utmost out of our work with fabrics, trims, washes and details. We are driven and determined. We are dedicated to denim. We travel the world to find inspiration for our collections. We are on a hunt for denim.

Dedicated to Denim
Since 1983



Karhu presentation

Established 1916 in Finland

Karhu is a Finnish sports brand. Karhu, meaning bear in Finnish, was first using as a sporting goods brand in 1916

Karhu’s shoes today utilize Fulcrum Technology. It is a midsole solution that makes energy from the runner flow horizontally instead of vertically. A triangu-lar, hard compressed unit that allows the foot to roll effectively, allowing your feet to move through their natural path as fast and safe as possible.



Nikben brandstory

Established 2013 in Sweden

By Nicklas and Benjamin

Quality bathing trunks designed in Sweden. Although born in Sweden, Nicklas aka NIK was bred on the beaches across the southern parts of Europe. Swimwear became his natural choice of apparel in his everyday life, not only for lazy days bumming on the beach, but also at the gym, relaxing at home or even on the golf course. 

Benjamin aka BEN was born on the Swedish west coast, typically spending his summers hopping from island to island on sailboats in their renowned archipel-ago. He would later be found at Central Saint Martins in London - surrounded with endless amounts of inspiration and creativity, he developed a vision to es-tablish a product that would bring fashion to new dimensions. 

NIK and BEN crossed paths in Spain, bonded instantly, a few years onwards they decided to take destiny in their own hands - the rest is history. It is not a rare sight to find traditional wallpaper and flowery prints on men’s swimwear today. A classical concept that NIKBEN believes can be further devel-oped by offering swimwear that conveys not only a pattern, but also a statement or an unforeseen “twist”.

NIKBEN is sold in top retailer locations around the world such as Harrolds, Nordstrom, Galerie Lafayette and Fortnum & Mason.

Established 2014 in Copenhagen
By Jens Christensen


The Akenz retail space is created based on a modern Danish minimalistic design philosophy. We emphasize the quality of our brands and products by using nature’s own materials like hard wood, marble and steel.
Each Akenz store has to be esthetically beautiful and functional in order to bring focus on the products in the store. Shoes are presented on a large sneaker wall with wooden boards placed on top of a white brick wall.
Jeans are presented in a darker area of the store with light vintage features to bring out the store behind the denim brand Blue de Genes. Han Kjøbenhavn sunglasses are also placed in front of the store and highlighted with some light comfortable LED lights to bring out the colours and shapes of the sunglasses. In season apparel is placed on racks in front of the store while a bigger selection is available in the lounge area in the back of the store.