YANG LI | What kind of "rebel" spirit is behind the fantastic vision of punk? (Part One)


Present issue of the brand:



Behind the punk's wonderful vision,

What kind of "rebel" spirit is it?

(Part One)


Designer Introduction

Chinese-American designer Yang Li founded his own brand, Yang Li in 2012. As one of the most promising domestic designers, his work was introduced in just two collections by a number of internationally renowned buyers such as Dover Street Market and L'eclaireur. Yang Li, the brand's minimalist design and the subtle "rebellious" expression of the punk feeling have been welcomed and sought after by many young consumers in the nowadays.





Li Yang, born in Beijing. He emigrated to Australia when he was 10 years old and went to Central St. Martin's College in London at 19. He moved to Australia with his family, After dropping out of school to pursue his pure design philosophy, he studied at the studio of Raf Simons in Antwerp.

Back in London in 2010, he started building his own brand. In 2013, Li Yang started to participate in Paris Fashion Week, and in 2014, he was entitled  the LVMH Young Designer Grand Prix. Yang Li was a teenager obsessed with basketball, skateboarding and other sports. His dream was to be a basketball player, he is a big fan of basketball superstar Michael Jordan. Teenage experiences and a love for sport also inspired Yang Li's "rebellious thinking" design in the future. "These street-based movement groups actually have very self-conscious dressing styles." Yang Li said.


Review of Yang Li's Autumn-Winter Paris Press Conference 2018



First, let's take a look at the release of Yang Li, one of the most important collections in recent years, Fashion Week in Paris in the fall and winter of 2018. Designers have used the last few seasons of the brand as a source of inspiration to reinvent and renovate key clothing shapes, tailoring, and craftsmanship on the gorgeous punk.

"1987-2087" ; The date on the shoes and the pattern on the chest allude to the centennial concept of the YangLi brand, projecting its gaze into the 16th-century Gothic architectural Saint-Merri. The Chinese designer, who graduated from St. Martin, created the "Funeral Show of Alternative Worlds" this season. The mood of the people in the dark Gothic atmosphere is somber and dreary.


The "Extraordinary Funeral Fashion Show" is a review of Yang Li's life since 1987, when the atmosphere was considered dark and punkish.

1987-2087, 100 years from birth to death is a great number. Yang Li sees his brand's old line as a source of inspiration this time around, The profiling and technology is reinterpreted in punk fashion, but instead of relying on past achievements, he continues to explore a determined and personal re-start. Superb tailoring, material comparative application, deconstruction of the treatment.  



The love of black color has always been a hallmark of Yang Li. The Chinese-style pouch is printed with Gothic characters, and the 1987-2087 vintage runs through the entire series. Yang Li uses leather, furs, velvet, lace, special reflective fabrics, prints and a few blues in the black and large tones, in addition to the wide-textured fabric.

The show is enriched and intense by the spectre's uniform, the assassin who walks on the tip of a knife, the slightly bloody fabric, the print of death and rebirth, and perhaps the design of a fetish. The disheveled hair and weird make-up combined with the costumes made the whole show so uniform and perfect that the fantasy became very convincing.

Yang Li Autumn/Winter Show 2018

Yang Li  FW 2018  RUNWAY


Yang Li SS 2019 work

Yang Li  SS 2019 Exhibition


Yang Li's cut is still stunning, with the bow detail on the back of the leather dress, Gothic fonts, leather socks over the knee and leather gloves continuing the brand's traditional dark style, At the same time innovatively add the fluorescent green transparent gauze material and only the decorative effect of the zipper and pocket details. The shoes, decorated with metal, are street-like, sexy and confident. In addition to the clothing itself, this season's release form also has the artistic, the emotional visual effect.


February 04, 2019 — Kerrwin Yang

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