KAMO INTERNATIONAL | Professional sunglasses with a precise fit, and popular among many stars

We all like basic and comfortable look.
How can we brighten up the whole simple look and be fancy in the least amount of time? The secret is sunglasses which are essential pieces for all the stars and models. Today we're focusing on a new brand of sunglasses! KAMO.

KAMO International It is a professional and outstanding eyewear brand from Copenhagen.
Start with a classic, clean silhouette and gradually create an impressive piece. Originally designed in Denmark, made in Italy and Japan, the world-famous Carl Zeiss lenses are used to create timeless quality.
Its unique design, affordable quality, exquisite workmanship and strict material selection makes it well known to many in the European market.

1Fitting / Custom fit

For sunglasses, it is most important to fit different people's faces and angles.
KAMO thoughtfully considered this and made a custom design.
Customized sunglasses according to your individual needs.
- There is a metal core on the arm of each pair of sunglasses
Can be adjusted to fit your face perfectly.

The frame made of acetate fiber is a plastic material. When you wear it for a long time, it will gradually fit more and adapt to different people's faces.

If your sunglasses have problems with wear and tear, you can bring them to the optometrist for adjustment.

Metal frames can also be tailored to your individual needs. Improve wearing comfort by tightening and expanding the silicon nose pad. This results in a pair of high-end sunglasses, tailored personally to you.

2Quality /  Eternal quality

KAMO works with the world's top eye-wear manufacturers. Known for experimenting with new production techniques, decoration, materials and details. The whole collection of sunglasses are handmade.

This is rare in the sunglasses industry worldwide. Original Danish design, made in Italy and Japan. Choose the world famous Carl Zeiss lens.

Kamo aims at creating timeless quality.

3Caring / Love the earth

KAMO teamed up with Mazzucchelli sheet (a leader in the acetate production market). Processing acetate waste into a black frame. Reached 97% recycle utilization. To achieve the greatest protection to the environment. Perfect for when you love fashion, and you also love the earth.


4Fashion / Fashionable style

How about wearing a cool piece first?

A collaboration with street wear brand Tobias Birk Nielsen:


Recently, KAMO cooperated with the famous pioneer designer brand TBN.
Take a look at what kind of sparks fly, when the two pioneering fashion Brands collide!

KAMO SS19 "I SEE FACES" Collection


A combination of metal and acetate material, Combined with an elegant British style. To provide high quality shades and creates a cool and sophisticated look.


The Dude

The Dude collection is the most classic sunglasses design
Tough curves and shiny titanium decoration, this is a must-have for everyone.





BLOW series is the classic design of KAMO
Perfectly streamlined with basic aesthetics
and adapts to the needs of most people with various types of adjustment features.



Wear brightly colored Nikben shorts while on vacation at the beach
And match it with the simple design of the sunglasses, the "Blow" series is the perfect match for this.


The Palermo series features elliptical lens design and arched nose bridge
Vintage in the full of sense of the word. A combination of the beauty of the old movies of the 80s, and the best crafting technology of today.




Designed for spring and summer, and match design with a mix of vintage and modern. Concise straight line design with delicate lenses
The slightly triangular shape of the cat's eye is one of the most fashionable sunglasses styles of the moment.

Such a triangular cat spectacle lens is a popular model for the past two years.
Loved by many stars and models.

KAMO 19th spring and summer new sunglasses
now available at the AKENZ physical stores and official website
To see the whole collection click here.
May 09, 2019 — Clean Themes Collaborator



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