Innerraum - The New Futurism Bag

Kuboraum founders

The designer and artist Livio Graziottin together with anthropologist Sergio Eusebi launched their new project Innerraum in July 2018.

After their reinterpretation of the eyewear world, the constant interaction with the world of art, music, the anxiety to push their project beyond the limits of the optical and fashion business to become a form of lifestyle, culture to embrace an ethic vision of a community and collectionist.







Innerraum is a polyhedric and polyphonic project with it’s own language and aesthetic, a new vision of luxury translated in single object, sculptures.







Innerraum is a new form of language translated into individual objects in the innerraum collection is a bearer of memory and innovation at the same instant, this is precisely what makes each of these objects:







Polyphonic objects that, through the manipulation of the concept of luxury, disintegrated into an ecstatic conflict with our own subconscious, affirming the birth of a new futuristic aesthetic; an aesthetic never seen before that dialogues with our past, with our past, with our memory and with our daily life affirming a new vision of luxury.

The project focuses on the body-- Inneraum piece is wearable as an augmented body.

Each object is a unique piece assembled by hand in Inneraum's laboratory in Italy. Innerraum is a multifaceted project born in the island of Berlin and handmade in Italy.


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