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Believe on the graph such chair is acted the role of, domestic outfit style, you have browned certainly on the network hundreds of times, that do you know the boreal Europe design of this style comes from where, come from who hand again?

Today's brand is the answer behind these questions.
It is the dazzling star on each big auction since, also be the time in domestic outfit is quiet good partner, it is the first selection that each big advanced dining-room, royal family is used personally more.
Its name is Carl Hansen & Son



Carl Hansen & Son is one of the furniture manufacturers with a long history in Denmark. It has been 110 years since its establishment in 1908.

However, the real popularity of Carl Hansen & Son will not come until 40 years after its establishment. Hans j. Wegner, a Nordic design master, joined Carl Hansen & Son, and the glorious era began.

Designer introduction


Hans J. Wegner


Hans J. Wegner是设计大师,更确切地说,是「椅子大师」,他一生创作了超过500把 椅子,制作了超过2500个 家具图样和接近1000幅 家具草图。


Hans J. Wegner Classic design chair

Carl Hansen&Son's furniture is perfect for everyday use,

Every work contains prudence and wisdom.

Constant design, excellent workmanship and quality

Keep them modern even after decades.

"Always pay attention to detail"——Hans J. Wegner


As one of the oldest furniture manufacturers in Denmark, Carl Hansen & Son has always been striving for the combination of traditional technology and modern manufacturing process.
During the manufacturing process, the professional requirements and enthusiasm of Hans j. Wegner during the design are adhered to.


Carl Hansen & Son's home decoration products are widely used in the setting design of various high-end restaurants and hotels, and are even favored by the Danish royal family.

Carl Hansen&Son's classic works are displayed at Akenz SKP store in xi 'an:



Every delicate furniture is made with all sorts of lumber and become, detail is mature, simple sense is exquisite, let a home have the true feeling that sticks into nature.

Nordic design sense/classic real texture

December 25, 2018 — Kerrwin Yang

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